Stop HIV-AIDS by Circumcision


Have you ever assumed that circumcision has an important role in a reduced risk of HIV? I think many of you answer ‘No, I haven’t assumed before’, because in the past circumcision was only the part of certain religion rule, isn’t it? Recently, as the result of the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto 13-18 August 2006, circumcision has become one of some recommendations to enforce for preventing the spreading of HIV-AIDS.

The XVI International AIDS Conference which organized by the International AIDS Society (IAS) and the AIDS 2006 Toronto Local Host is the biennial gathering of the global AIDS community. The conference features the presentation of more than 4,500 abstracts and an array of community and cultural activities. Over 26,000 participants from more than 170 countries are in attendance included Indonesia.

The recommendation is based on a research which organized by W.B.Sateren et all, among tea plantation residents in Kericho, Kenya. HIV testing method was done by ELISA and confirmed by Western blot assay. A strong statistically significant difference in HIV prevalence was observed between the 398 uncircumcised men and the 1,321 circumcised men. The results show that circumcision was found to be a protective predictor of HIV infection. This protective effect was also observed for circumcised men compared to uncircumcised men across all strata of age groups, education, marital status, history of sexually transmitted infection, and syphilis infection status. Risk to acquire HIV-AIDS is 66% higher to uncircumcised men than circumcised men. So, let us campaign circumcision to stop spreading HIV-AIDS. (Primz)

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13 Responses to “Stop HIV-AIDS by Circumcision”

  1. Kris Manapaw Says:

    I’m sorry, but this is just ridiculous and incorrect. While it IS true that circumcision can reduce HIV transmission by up to 50%, correct use of a condom prevents transmission of most fluid-passed STIs by 97%, far outweighing the circumcision benefit against circumcision. Secondly, many of the studies conducted on this hypothesis were done in countries where HIV is prevelant, such as parts of sub-saharan Africa, where condoms aren’t always available, and circumcision is practiced as a tradition.

    This article also fails to mention a very important fact: Over 80% of males worldwide are uncircumcised, and in Europe alone this practice is seldom used. Now, call me a skeptic, but surely if circumcision was as effective as the article suggets, the infection rate would be higher in Europe than in the US. As it happens, the reverse is true. Take Spain for example. Spain has a 98% uncircumcised rate, and less than 1% of the population are recorded with HIV, with a presumed 1.3%-1.5% total. Coincidence?

    Finally, the way you have worded this article is filled with bias. Language such as “So, let us campaign…” and “Have you ever assumed that circumcision has an important role in a reduced risk of HIV? I think many of you answer ‘No, I haven’t assumed before’,” is a direct appeal to the masses to employ the majority to your side, therefore I criticise the accuracy of the information here provided.

    I would be delighted if you would contact me at my email addess to offer an insightful reply to what I have posted, and I hope you will be more careful with your information, and how you present it, in the near and distant future.

    Kris Manapaw

  2. prima almazini Says:

    Hello Kris. Based on research, circumcision has many advantages for men health. Overall, it can prevent infection and support reproductive health of men. Then the new evidence said that risk to acquire HIV-AIDS is 66% higher to uncircumcised men than circumcised men. So, it lower risk for getting HIV/AIDS too. It’s all are facts based on credible researchs.

    The prevalence of HIV AIDS is not only depend on circumcision. There are many factors such as transmission mother-child, free sex, transfusion, and drug. Circumcision can lower risk to get HIV/AIDS. Better you read my other article here.

    As a doctor, i will suggest my patient to do circumcision. I made this article as persuation based on data and new evidence from The XVI International AIDS Conference 2006.

  3. prima almazini Says:

    I wish I could persuade many people to do circumcision because of their benefit. Surely, the flesh of penis have no advantage for our life. It’s like a place where bacteria, can hide. And if we don’t wash it regularly and well, it can be predisposition to many reproductive infection.

    Circumcision, maybe it will be painful, but same like drug or operation, it is a way to be healthy. Now there are some methods of circumcision that not pain and faster. But it depend on your believe. I can only suggest but the choice to do or not it’s patient’s right to choose. As a doctor, I can only give the best information to the patients about how to be health in many alternative ways but the decision is the patient’s right to choose.

    • Jess Says:

      Or I can keep my son INTACT the way nature intended (protecting the glands and nerves that are a part of HIS BODY) and teach him how to clean himself regularly, teach him about the dangers of STDs and teach him to not be a man whore and sleep around with tons of potential carriers of STDs. Oh but silly me that would involve PARENTING why would I want to do that when I can just cut a functioning part of my son’s reproductive organ off and leave it at that, letting his important glans and nerves be exposed and harded.

  4. reegun Says:

    i undergone circumcision on 16-may-10 and the inside part of my penis is visible and so sensitive ,little bit afraid of that ,is it healed quickly or any problem pls reply

  5. prima almazini Says:

    Hallo Reegun. Circumcision is a procedure to remove foreskin of penis. So, inside part of penis will visible. It will look swollen but it will healed in 7-10 days. It was so sensitive because penis skin have many neuron sensory reseptor. It was normal condition.

    • Reegun Says:

      thanks for ur reply,i m satisfied about ur reply,but i want to ask few questions,pls reply
      1.its already 10 days over and no pain is there but the skin looks like the same as first day but no pain,and very sensitive
      2.unable to sleep normaly
      3.the stitches r there make me uncomfortable, doubt is is my penis return to normal stage ie with out sensitive,how many days it takes to healing

      pls suggest my questions

      • prima almazini Says:

        After circumcision, many sources says that need four to six weeks to heal completely include the sensitivity. Avoid manipulation to penis to prevent breakdown of the stitches and so the wound will heal completely without complication. Wear a loose-fitting briefs to minimize the contact to penis skin. Find a most comfortable position while you are sleeping so you can sleep well. The most important, don’t too worry because it only need a time to get back to normal condition. Hope it will be alright.

  6. reegun Says:

    dear prima,
    its again reegun here,ur reply make me so satisfied and also by your opinion i got healed,its already 6 weeks up,but some how some areas are paining in the forskin but healed,skin developed,and the stich are shreds,but the stiched area are little much pain,i afraid because its already above 6 week,but some area are paining little so pls suggest any kind reply,can i get my penis back normal without that pain,and can i masturbate now

    • prima almazini Says:

      Glad to know your progress. If there’s no swelling and redness, it means healing process of your penis is running well, then your penis will back to normal condition. Pain is caused by stimulus to nerves in penis skin. If the stimulus has gone, pain will disappeared too. Maybe some skin areas of your penis haven’t already complete recovery because variation of healing rate of penis skin. But in this stage, it will healed soon. After you feel comfortable and pain sensation has dissappeared, you can masturbate or doing sex with your partner.

  7. Jess Says:

    Circumcision is not a preventative for HIV, and the foreskin doesn’t lead to HIV or any other disease for that matter. Besides the fact that it is a huge violation of the little boy’s rights as it is his body (and have you seen a circumcision? I would never put my CHILD through that horror and torture cause that’s exactly what it is. I want a relationship full of trust from my little boy not the subconcious memories of my handing him over to some stranger who then proceeds to destroy his body.) The foreskin is a natural part of the body and should be left alone.

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